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Thank you soo much for your AMAZING arrangement of flowers. Words cannot do justice to the feeling that I experienced when I saw them. They were more beautiful than I imagined. Katrina's halo, wow... she was speechless, and that is saying something for Katrina. She help her hand to her mouth when she saw it. You made her happy, she wore it until bed time, so I was told. Samuel loved all the green in his little bunch, he was very pleased. My girls were really happy with theirs, they have been hung up to dry, as well as mine. :-) You have wonderful taste. The men's all looked perfect, not a girly or feminine bunch among them, they were so nice with their suits, and Larry's was the perfect compliment to mine.
I was teased and said to have been very selfish as to not have thrown mine away, a few eyes had hoped that they could somehow get a hold of such a beautiful bouquet. :-)
I wish you could have heard he compliments I received about the flowers. Elegant, gorgeous, beautiful, perfect combinations, tasteful, were some of the words I remember hearing from friends.
Once again, thank you very much. You definitely added elegance to an otherwise simple wedding.
Please keep in touch.

Karen Schultz July 08

Good Morning Hilary,
Thanks sooo much for pulling the table arrangements together for me i.e. for Christine & Matt. I’ll be sure to get photos to you sometime since pics of the table settings are on the photographer’s schedule.
Stacy saw them yesterday afternoon and loved them… saying they look so natural. Yesss!

Sept 08

Hi Hilary,
Hope this email finds you well! I wanted to say thanks so much on the flowers, everything looked great that Saturday. The bouquets were just lovely and everything in the Upper Canada hall looked amazing. I'm still assembling the photos from friends / family and would be happy to send you a few if you're interested.
Take care!

Nicky Cunha Feb 09

At a Niagara on the Lake, Horticultral Society meeting Hilary did a demostration of How to amke a dried floral wreath, Called "Memories from the Garden", Jan 25/09
Once again we would like to thank Hilary Bellis, owner of It Can Be Arranged.
She did a wonderful job. Many members gave rave reviews after the meeting, not to mention the incredible dried floral arrangement she made...WOW! Oh, and I can't forget the great job our three lucky participants did.

Shirley Madsen

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